Best Online Weed Accessories

Online weed accessories

Source: Covet Eur

Weed smoking is gradually becoming a norm in contemporary society. Due to this, weed accessories are on the rise in our various markets and online stores. These accessories range from the most sophisticated to the most common. We will be looking at the best ones that exist.

A look around our various online shops gives us the following best accessories for weed smokers.

Ashtrays: ash trays are used in collecting ash during smoking. Some of the best ash tray collections ate silicon ashtray, ancient dragon ash tray which is the oldest, smokeless ash tray, homemade wooden ash tray, modern wood ashtray, chill Jamaican ashtray and hypnotic marijuana leaf.

Bags: they are used in transporting or carrying weed and accessories around. Some of them include back packs, tote bags, and cases like stoner, get a bong, tripped out, smoking Joe etc

Scales: scales are very important for every smoker. It helps him know the number of grams taken and controls intake thereby reducing addiction and other hazards associated with smoking. Some best brands are hidden scale, the hamfire, vintage scale, chef rimer and US scale.

Secret stashes and stash boxes: these are better storage containers for weeds. They are better than plastic wraps. Some of them are sprite stash, pringles stash, axe body spray, spray bottle stash, suave stash etc.

Cups and mugs: some smokers use cups and mugs as well the ceramic mugs are specially made for smoking. It channels smoke through the lungs in an incredible manner. Featuring among the best of them are: marijuana leaf, stay lifted, stoner and vert.

Rolling papers: these papers are roll up aids for smokers who do it manually or with the help of a machine. The best of them are: 24 k gold rolling paper, green apple, raw organic papers among others.

Lighters: lighters are indispensable for every smoker. Some top brands include Nvc, dope, stoner torch, the widow, multifunction revolver just to name a few.


Among the numerous grinders ROO 4-Piece Premium Herb Grinder is the most efficient that the online dispensary Canada has known for a year now. It is a zinc alloy sheet coated with stainless steel. It has a recommendable weed crushing ability.

Puffco Peak Smart Rig Concentrate Vape

The first and classy brand of the highly anticiapted Puffco Peak vape was just recently manufactured by Puff Co Ltd.

It is a handy fully equipped gadget for a perfect dab and features among the top ranking weed accessories. 

Smoke soap: This smoke cleaning accessory is one of the latest to grace the smokers’ every day klife. Some of them are rez block, rez block xl zen bristle pipe cleaners etc.

Pastel puff: These beautiful smoke weed accessories come in many pleasant colors. The handmade pipes are manufactured in various pastels and are coffee table friendly.

Herbal touch: the locally made lip balm is fabricated with a hemp-derived cannabinoid extract. It has enormous benefits like anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and anti-oxidant properties. This lip balm has been made to meet the demands of weed smokers.