Are CBD Vape Pens Perfect For Everyone?

A boy smoking CBD vape pens

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We Have High Quality and Long Lasting Vape Pens

Many of our customers ask the same question, whether CBD vape pens suit them. What is the best option for CBD intake? Our answer is very simple. Even though the decision is based on individual preferences, choices and method of intake, we advise using best quality CBD accessories such as our vapes, bongs, tubes, and other options. Vapes have their own advantages. If you have used an e-cigarette, you will not find any difference between the two when it comes to the usage. Vapes suit everyone and our Vape Pens will enhance your vaping experience.

We believe in flexible vape pens

When you buy cheap quality products there are many problems such as toxic surface, uneven structure, less durable, lower concentration and not organic. On top of that, the cost will increase when you use them for longer periods of time. Our Vape Pens are designed to provide the right vaping experience as the structure is not only durable but also gives a smooth texture feel. As the pen gets heated, the CBD content should be melted or burned properly. But, you will not feel a heating sensation. The burning process will be even, which gives satisfactory results.

We make Vaping Process Easy for You

Vape Pens are similar to the e-cigarette as they are small in size and works like a cigarette. Pens are electronic in nature as they contain two main parts. One is the chamber or tank where the CBD concentration is filled. It is also known as a cartridge. The heating part is referred to as an atomizer, which burns the concentration to release the CBD content. Our CBD Vape Pens also have a uniform heating chamber with a sensor, which makes the product premium and highly effective.

How to use our vape pens?

It depends on the type of pen you choose. For example, you chose our use and throw pen, then there is no need for cartridge replacement or pen charging. If you select rechargeable version, then you to charge the pen with a USB cable. You can replace the cartridges when going empty. Just charge the pen and make sure that cartridge is not empty and inhale. ItsPrimo offer organic products, we are concerned about the environment and as a result, we recycle our Vape Pens.

Our Vape Pens are unique and Effective

Because of even heating ability, the vaporizing effect will be even. Modern research has shown that better vaporizer will give better ingestion and absorption of CBD content giving long-lasting effects in lesser time. We sell products under different dosage. You can count your dosage or keep track of intake level by measuring the concentration of the CBD oil present in the pen. Our concentration information is printed on the box for better understanding. We sell different CBD products and all the products are organic and give best results. Buy, our CBD oils, tinctures, gummies, creams and topicals to make most out of CBD and its health benefits. 

For excellent results, use our Vape Pens

We provide chemical free CBD Vape Pens with the right concentration and better heating chamber to transcend your vaping experience. Just insert the cartridge and use the vape pen. The uniform vaporization will allow long-lasting effect, which leads to high oil to Cannabidiol conversion rate giving full satisfaction.